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ERIC ZUESSE -- Hillary Clinton’s Achievements as Secretary of State

May 30, 2020 2 Comments
by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden for president in virtual town ...
Some people say that Hillary Clinton had no achievements as the U.S. Secretary of State; but that view is factually false. She had a huge and enduring impact, on at least three countries, as will here be documented via the links:
As Vice News reported on 9 September 2014: “Overall, illegal immigration from Central America has risen about 500% since late 2010. Families, single moms, and children, are a larger and larger share of people who make the long, and potentially dangerous trek through Mexico, to the United States. More child migrants are now coming from San Pedro Sula Honduras and surrounding areas [the Bajo Aguán Valley], than anyplace else in Central America; and, as ordinary Hondurans told us over and over again, the outflow is being fueled by an explosive mix of violence, poverty, and inequality.” The democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya, whom Hillary Clinton’s Honduran friends had overthrown, had been trying to impose land reform and other measures which were addressed to meeting the needs of the millions of Honduras’s poor, but the new Honduran government viewed the Honduran masses as trash, and eliminated President Zelaya’s programs to help them.

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PT -- COVID-19: Mais Provas de que o Vírus Foi Criado nos EUA -- March 04, 2020

Por Larry Romanoff
Global Research, March 11, 2020
Coronavirus illustration (stock image). | Credit: © pinkeyes /

Sugere-se a leitura do artigo anterior como informação de base:
Por Larry Romanoff, March 04, 2020
Como os leitores se recordam do artigo anterior (mencionado acima), epidemiologistas e farmacologistas japoneses e taiwaneses determinaram que o novo coronavírus poderia ter sido originado nos EUA, pois que esse país é o único que se sabe ter todos os cinco tipos – a partir dos quais todos os outros têm de surgir. Wuhan, na China, tem apenas um desses tipos, tornando-o, em analogia, numa espécie de “ramo” que não pode existir por si só, mas deve ter crescido a partir de uma “árvore”.
O médico de Taiwan observou que, em Agosto de 2019, os EUA tinham uma inundação de pneumonias pulmonares ou algo semelhante, que os americanos atribuíram ao “vaping” de cigarros eletrónicos, mas que, segundo o cientista, os sintomas e as condições não podiam ser explicados por esses mesmos cigarros eletrónicos. Referiu que escreveu às autoridades americanas a informar que suspeitava que essas mortes fossem provavelmente devidas ao coronavírus. Ele afirma que os seus avisos foram ignorados.
Precisamente antes dessa ocorrência, o CDC encerrou totalmente o principal Laboratório Biológico das Forças Armadas dos EUA, em Fort Detrick, Maryland, devido à ausência de garantias contra fugas de agentes patogénicos, emitindo uma ordem judicial de *“cessar e desistir” entregue aos militares. Foi imediatamente após este acontecimento que surgiu a epidemia do 'cigarro eletrónico'.

Eric Zuesse -- 6% of Confirmed Coronavirus-19 Cases End in Death

Eric Zuesse  -- 6% of Confirmed Coronavirus-19 Cases End in Death
 Eric Zuesse
 May 29, 2020
Coronavirus: China mourns Covid-19 victims with three-minute ...
As of the end of the day on May 28th (start of May 29th), there had been a global total of 5,900,880 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (or coronavirus-19), and 361,776 total deaths confimed from that disease. That’s a 6.1% death-rate.

However, it varies considerably by country. Here are the ten countries having the most coronavirus cases, and, for each of these countries, the number of cases and of deaths which have resulted from its cases, and then the percentage-ratio of those deaths to its total number of cases:

1: USA, 1,768,461 / 103,330  / 5.8%
2: Brazil, 438,812  /  26,991  /  6.2%
3: Russia, 379,051  /  4,142  /  1.1%
4: Spain, 284,986  /  37,119  /  13.0%
5: UK, 269,127  /  37,837  /  14.1%
6: Italy, 231,732  /  33,142  /  14.3%
7: France, 186,238  /  28,662  /  15.3%
8: Germany, 182,452  /  8,570  /  4.7%
9: India, 165,386  /  4,711  /  2.8%
10: Turkey, 160,979  /  4,461  /  2.8%

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PT -- A Estratégia Comercial do COVID-19 nos EUA: Desinformação, Incompentência e Arrogância -- March 10, 2020

Global Research, March 10, 2020
 CDC recommends no gatherings of 50 or more for 8 weeks |

O conteúdo deste artigo fará pouco sentido para o leitor. O objectivo da leitura é apreciar o pouco sentido que ela faz.

A OMS descreveu casos de vírus em todo o mundo, a ultrapassar o limiar dos 100.000 como sendo um “momento sombrio”.
AFP gritou: “ A quarta parte dos italianos está em confinamento, enquanto o vírus varre o mundo”. (1)
A Coreia do Sul solicita cooperação à medida que a epidemia se espalha pela região. (2)

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EVAGGELOS VALLIANATOS -- The Virtues of Not Eating Animals

MAY 28, 2020

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair
Growing up in a village
I was born in a Greek village where land and food self-sufficiency were everything. My father had a few strips of land where he raised enough food for his family and the family of his brother who lost his life during the war years of the 1940s. My father cultivated wheat, barley, lentils, vine grapes for wine, and olive trees for oil.
Animals made our lives possible – and easier. We had a mule, a donkey, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats.
I learned to respect and love these animals. I could not conceive life without them.
My most interesting agrarian memory comes from our harvesting of grapes during the heat of Summer in late August. My sisters and cousins would fill wicker baskets with ripe bunches of white, blue and red grapes, load them on the donkey, and my younger cousin, George, and I would take them home. We would unload the baskets and pour the grapes into the linos, a rectangular stone and cement enclosure a meter high with a cement bottom. One of the stone walls of the linos had a hole that allowed the liquid wine to drain to a small cement pit below.
After filling the linos with the ripe and tasty fruits of Dionysos, George and I washed our legs and entered the soft hills of grapes, which we treaded to pulp while laughing and having fun.
In America

ERIC ZUESSE -- U.S. Empire: Biden and Kerry Gave Orders to Ukraine’s President

U.S. Empire: Biden and Kerry Gave Orders to Ukraine’s President

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture

That Biden-in-Ukraine Scandal Is “Absolute Nonsense”

On May 19th, an implicit international political warning was issued, but it wasn’t issued between countries; it was issued between allied versus opposed factions within each of two countries: U.S. and Ukraine. In the United States, it’s a Republican Party warning to the Democratic Party: a warning by Trump, against Biden and against Obama. It’s saying: “We’ve got the goods on you, and we’re not releasing it yet. But here’s a sample. So, let’s deal.” 

It’s a warning that comes from the current President of Ukraine, Volodmyr Zelenskiy, and that places into an exceptionally bad light his immediate predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, as having been a mere vassal of Trump’s immediate predecessor, Obama.

ERIC ZUESSE -- The Stupid Insanity of Biological-Warfare R&D

The Stupid Insanity of Biological-Warfare R&D

Eric Zuesse 

Biological warfare - Wikipedia

There is much speculation that the coronavirus-19 or Covid-19 was invented in a research-and-development (R&D) biological-warfare (B-W) lab, which might have been one in China, the U.S., or perhaps some other country; but, if that is the case, then that country’s entire military top brass and Commander-in-Chief (C-i-C) are not merely stupid but insane, for the following very simple reason: NO weapon is usable in war if it cannot be effectively and controllably targeted, and B-W weapons cannot be effectively and controllably targeted — they are contagious and respect no national boundaries and therefore endanger instead of protect the people who live in the country that has such a stupid and insane government, a government that is doing B-W R&D. Any such government (any country that is doing B-W R&D) is so bad that it needs to be immediately overthrown by its own population, because its own population is being mortally and severely threatened by that government’s stupidity and its insanity: its entire military top brass including its C-i-C must therefore be placed on trial for possible treason, at least in order to more-accurately define the very meaning of “treason,” a term whose meaning is not yet sufficiently clearly defined. (Is there no due-diligence requirement for public servants? Is there no accountability at all for any public servant who harms the public, no matter how badly? Public office entails enormous power, which is why it is so sought; but, along with that power needs to come full accountability. Does that exist? If not, is the nation effectively, then, a dictatorship?)


irmãos de armas

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Before the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly.

The President of Russia delivered
the Address to the Federal Assembly. The ceremony took
place at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.

15, 2020


President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Address to the Nation

Address to the Nation.




PT -- VLADIMIR PUTIN na Sessão plenária do Fórum Económico Oriental

Excertos da transcrição da sessão plenária do Fórum Económico Oriental


The Putin Interviews
by Oliver Stone (



Um auto retrato surpreendentemente sincero do Presidente da Rússia, Vladimir Putin



Personagens Principais em 'Na Primeira Pessoa'

Parte Um: O Filho

Parte Dois: O Estudante

Parte Três: O Estudante Universitário

Parte Quatro: O Jovem especialista

Parte Cinco: O Espia

Parte Seis: O Democrata

Parte Sete: O Burocrata

Parte Oito: O Homem de Família

Parte Nove: O Político

Apêndice: A Rússia na Viragem do Milénio

contaminação nos Açores

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