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By Larry Romanoff

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

That history is being repeated today in a mass grooming of the Western world’s people (especially Americans) in preparation for World War IIIwhich I believe is now imminent



Thursday, April 28, 2022

EN -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- Some Things You Should Maybe Know About China -- March 28, 2022


Some Things You Should Maybe Know About China

      By Larry Romanoff, March 28, 2022


1960 -- The rural workforce turned their attention from the fields to factories


Militia members march in formation past Tiananmen Square during the military parade marking the 70th founding anniversary of People's Republic of China, on its National Day in Beijing, China October 1, 2019. (Photo: Thomas Peter/Reuters)


It seems that whenever the topic of China arises, we are flooded with the most amazing observations, statements, conclusions, almost all of which appear to come from outer space. There surely cannot be another subject on this planet on which so many people are so amazingly misinformed and arrive at the most unrealistic conclusions.

We have a saying that after spending one month in China you could write a book; after a year in China, you could write a chapter; in five years you could write a paragraph, and after five years you could write a note on a postcard - about the food. That saying has become almost an urban legend but it is essentially true. I can still recall the day when, walking down a street in downtown Shanghai after being in the country for about a month, I experienced an illusion of such extreme clarity that I said to myself, “I could write a book on this place”. I cannot explain the mental or sociological processes that combine to cause that initial illusion of understanding and clarity, nor the forces that so effectively and progressively dismantle it to a condition where the more time we spend in China the less we understand it.

And yet, after living in China for nearly 20 years, I find myself constantly challenged and "corrected" by persons who have never been to China, have obviously never read anything useful about the country, and who may not even actually know a single Chinese person. Yet this total lack of knowledge is apparently not a hindrance to the huge amount of philosophical pontificating about "how things really are in China".

I have often thought that I could stand and speak on China for an hour and that my audience (of Canadians and Americans) would sit with their mouths open and their faces blank for that full hour. They would have nothing to say and no questions to ask, because they would be unable to fathom a set of cultural circumstances where the events I report would be able to exist in their world. The disconnect would be almost total. I recently wrote an article titled "Understanding China" that contains some cultural elements of the above kind. (1) You might care to read it; it's brief and interesting.

But for the rest of it, for an 'understanding' of China, I would be tempted to say, "don't bother". Don't bother trying to understand China because that understanding is likely beyond your grasp. I am reminded of the Englishman who said that, after 25 years of marriage, he was "only beginning" to understand his French wife. It's like that. China is a civilisation that is millennia old, with the origins of traditions and thoughts lost in the mists of time. Italy and Greece have a touch of this flavor; the other Western nations not so much, and the US and Canada really have nothing. It isn't easy to explain, but it's true nonetheless.

We are heavily penalised by the Western Jewish-owned media in each and every one of its aspects, because the media frame for us a picture of China that is nearly 100% false or at least badly misleading, this done from ideology and their personal agenda. We cannot overcome that without an inordinate amount of time and effort.

I would say that in general there is very little available in the English language on China, on its history or culture, that is accurate or of much use, and the European languages are not much better. There are some exceptions - the writing of Anna Louise Strong (2) (3), and tracts by some mostly obscure authors who managed to relay a more or less faithful representation of China in their day.

Keep in mind that the Khazarian Jews were actively involved in the destruction of China (opium, banking theft, political and social destruction, massive wars and the most despicable cultural genocides, among other things) for about 200 years and the Americans weren't far behind them. Thus, almost anything written by either the Jews or Americans is likely to be rubbish because both were more intent on papering over their sins than in presenting an accurate picture on any topic or aspect of China.

Jewish encyclopedias boast that opium in China was "entirely a Jewish business" and that Sassoon refused to let any non-jews participate. And the Americans, in addition to half a dozen military invasions, had their Treasury Department, their beloved Jewish-owned FED, J. P. Morgan and Citibank (4) (5), and many others, all cooperating in looting the carcass while they were busy fostering yet a massive civil war through Zhang Jie Shi (Chiang Kai-Shek to you) and T. V. Soong, busily destroying any remaining semblance of government, economy, and society. Both parties failed because of Mao Tze-Dong and they of course bitterly hate him to this day.

Recent Jewish Expulsions of Note

Everyone knows that the Jews have been expelled from countless countries for at least the past 500 or even 800 years. What most people don't know is that the process never really stopped. One of Castro's first acts upon his successful revolution in the early 1950s was to expel all the Jews from Cuba, which is why that poor little country has been subject to barbarous and almost homicidal sanctions for the past nearly 70 years. The city of Nagasaki and the country of Japan likewise expelled all the Jews prior to WWII, which is almost certainly the reason these two were selected by Bernard Baruch (a Jew) as the targets for the atomic bombs (the "Jewish hell-bomb", in case you don't know, 99.5% totally-Jewish-developed). (6) Hitler wanted to expel all the Jews from Germany to Madagascar (his "final solution"), but he failed because the Jews managed to bring the US into the war.

Likewise, Mao's first act on taking power after winning China's so-called 'civil war' (which was not against other Chinese but against the Jews and Americans) was to expel all the Jews from China, confiscating (as did Castro) all their ill-gotten opium assets that included all of Shanghai and the Mainland branches of the HSBC. Mao actually expelled all foreigners, but the Jews were certainly the target. All Jewish publications I've seen, tell us only that the Jews left China "in a hurry" after the war, without specifying exactly the cause of that 'hurry'. The Jews have hated China ever since, and have been the cause of all the isolation, trade embargoes, non-stop media hate campaign, and much else directed against China since that time.

Shanghai Saved 40,000 Jews from Hitler

Shanghai did no such thing. Populations inside and outside China (but especially inside) are being pumped by the Jews with fictional tales of how the "wonderful warm-hearted Chinese" welcomed all those Jews escaping persecution in Germany. So many tales of fond memories of the Shanghainese loving the Jews. But that isn't exactly how it was. Shanghai already had a large contingent of wealthy opium Jews and, since the city was entirely under the control of the Japanese Imperial Army at the time, this was where the Japanese sent all the Jews on their expulsion from Japan. Neither Shanghai nor 'China' had anything to say about it, and the "wonderful warm-hearted Chinese" didn't even know what happened. There were a few Jews who may have come overland through Russia and Siberia or by ship, but they were few and their transit passes were for the US, not China. It is worthy of note that the "wonderful warm-hearted Chinese" didn't do too well under their new Jewish masters. The stories you may have heard about signs in Shanghai reading "No dogs or Chinese allowed", are true, and those signs were erected by the Jews, not the Japanese.

Mao Tze-Dong: Killing Chinese and Drowning Kittens

It was Jews' expulsion from China and the resulting bitter hatred of Mao that have led to 70 years of garbled hate-history of China and of Mao in particular. It may surprise some of you to learn that Mao never actually "killed" anybody. All of those stories are Jewish hate literature spawned by their resentment of having to leave China with some flesh still remaining on the bones. This was the cause of China's great famine around 1960 when the European Jews used the services of the UN to launch a worldwide food embargo on China when that country suffered several years of natural catastrophes and experienced a severe food shortage. Using the Americans as the Banker's Private Army (and genocidal enforcer), the entire world sat for three years and watched about 20 million Chinese starve to death. Not one country dared to give China any food, nor to sell food to China at any price. (7)

It was the European Khazarian Jews who killed all those millions of Chinese, not Chairman Mao, and they even had the chutzpah to progressively over-estimate their handiwork to as high as 80 million deaths. That is one indication of the savage and inhuman natural proclivities of the European Khazarian Jews - the Rothschilds, Sassoons, Kadoories, Sebag-Montefioris, Lehmans, de' Medicis, Mendelssohns, Bleichroeders, Warburgs, Lazars, and a hundred other names you have never heard of.

It is the Jews who have created all the tales of China's famine being due to Mao's "mismanagement" of food stocks, and tales of how the man killed or executed millions of his own people - for no apparent reason since he was in the process of healing the country and attempting to rebuild it by pulling everyone together. He succeeded. If not for Mao, there would be no China today.

China's Jewish Communism

Similarly, all of the tales you have heard about China's Communism, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, China's one-child policy, and so much more, are the result of the Jews attempting to paper over their own final "contributions" to China's "progress".

In case you didn't know, Communism was a 99.985% Jewish enterprise, From Marx and Engels onward. In Russia, the Jews managed to exterminate not only the Russian Royal Family, the Romanovs (Romanoffs) and virtually all of the clergy, but also more than 30% of the total Russian population including the entire middle class and property-owners, to say nothing of looting the entire nation of money, gold, art, icons, Royal Treasure, as they left.

The Khazarian European Jews - the usual list of suspects - were entirely responsible for introducing communism to China. The Jewish Bolsheviks sent an envoy - Grigori Naumovich Voitinsky (real name Zarkhin, a Russian Jew) in the hope of duplicating the destruction of Russia in China. Voitinsky failed in his mission and was expelled, so the Jewish vision of communism never took root in China. The plan for Russia (and all European countries) was to have only a small cadre of Jews controlling the entire nation of peasant-cattle to serve them. This was the picture presented to China, one which was refused.

However, part of the communist philosophy did take hold in China, that of the oppression of the lower classes by the educated and wealthy, and it was this that was almost entirely responsible for the mistakes Mao made. He refused to consider exterminating the upper and middle classes as the Jews recommended and as they had done in Russia, but he did go so far as to try to level the playing field. Thus, doctors were sent to work on farms, and similar, in an attempt to narrow the gaps between the classes. Those attempts failed, and for decades the Jews have pilloried Mao in every way possible without revealing that he was only following their pattern for "nation-building", but in much gentler fashion. It is the Jews, not the Chinese who should take responsibility for Mao's social-planning failures.

China's Jewish One-Child Policy

Similarly, it was another Jew, one of the Malthusian cult whose name escapes me at the moment, who was sent to China with instructions to cull the Chinese population - for the good of all humanity. This effort had rather more success. The man did manage to scare the hell out of the Chinese about the prospects of feeding such an enormous population, and the adoption of the one-child policy was the direct result of this encounter. Naturally, China no sooner adopted the Jews' recommendation than they used it to pillory China yet one more time as a nation "brutally violating human rights". Once again, it is the Jews who should take full responsibility for China's family-planning policies since these were taken entirely on their 'advice'.

And so on. Think of almost anything bad that you have read about China, or almost anything bad that you 'know' about China and, if you scratch the surface, you will find a Jew. I know that doesn't sound very nice, but it happens to be the truth.

The point of all the above is that nearly everything you know, or think that you know, or that you believe to be true, about China and its history, is wrong. History is written by the victors or, alternatively, by those who control all the media and who own virtually all of the book publishers. And they lie because they are busy covering up their complicity in most of the crimes that have been committed against humanity anywhere, and certainly anything involving China. My comments above haven't even scratched the surface of the Jews' crimes in China, much less anywhere else.

Nobody in China has an Imagination

First look at record-breaking glass-bottom bridge | CNN Travel


Again, we hear in the Jewish media so much about how "China" and the Chinese have never invented anything, have no imagination, and know only how to copy and steal. But the truth is 180° from this. It is reliably estimated that at least 60% of all the knowledge in the world today originated in China. Yes, that's really true, and the estimate is not mine. We were all taught in school that the printing press with movable type was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany in around 1550, but China not only invented paper but had printing presses with movable type (on both top and bottom) 600 years before Gutenberg was born. Similarly, every schoolboy knows that the Englishman James Watt invented the steam engine, but China had working steam engines 600 years before James Watt was born. The truth is that Chinese invention has always led the world, with most of these inventions having been copied or stolen by the West and China then just written out of the world's history by the same people who stole the inventions and who own all the history book publishers. Here is the story of Chinese invention: If you don't know about this, it's a real eye-opener. (8)

Also, the Americans and the Jewish US media tried to tarnish China's high-speed rail system by flooding the presses with untrue accusations of China stealing all the rail IP. I wrote an article on China's high-speed rail; it's interesting, and contains no lies: (9) And here is something else you might really enjoy reading: the story of Nüshu, one of the oldest and most beautiful, and certainly one of the more intriguing languages in the world, the only known example of a full-fledged language created by women and spoken and understood only by women. (10) It is a part of the UNESCO Heritage. (11)

The Jews of Asia

"The Chinese are not called “the Jews of Asia” without reason." For your information, the Chinese are not called 'the Jews of Asia' with a reason, either. In fact, the Chinese are not called 'the Jews of Asia' at all. This originated with an article, later expanded to some 63 pages, written in 1914 by King Vajiravudh of Siam (Thailand), titled: "The Jews of the Orient/Wake Up Siam!"

A reader styling himself "thotmonger" posted a comment on Andrew Anglin's article on "I Don’t Know Who’s Great Resetting Who Anymore", in which he stated: "In it, Vajiravudh makes a very informed and dispassionate cultural and behavior comparison between Jews and ethnic Chinese. It holds up and has been borne out." (12)

Well, not quite. Researchgate wrote of this paper: "the infamous and highly polemical article penned by King Vajiravudh Rama VI of Siam and first published . . . in 1914 has long been employed as the fundamental evidence of the innate anti-Chinese nature of Siam's particular brand of royalist nationalism". (13) In fact, rather than being "very informed and dispassionate", it was an astonishingly vitriolic piece of venomous trash that has since 1914 been sitting the historical dustbin where it belongs. This is a warning to not believe everything you find on the internet about China, and an even more useful warning to question the motives of those who so highly recommend this brand of rubbish. And please, forget that you ever heard this expression. It’s offensive.

The US Transferred its Manufacturing Base to China; China Stole Our jobs

Well, not exactly. What happened was that the Jewish bankers and industrialists who more or less control the US, forced an agreement with the US government that all profits earned offshore would be tax-free (so long as they remained offshore). So Levi's, making blue jeans in the US for $20 and selling them for $40, could now go to China and make the jeans for $5 and still sell for $40. As soon as Levi's did this, the other manufacturers could see their future was in the dustbin because Levi's could sell blue jeans for much less than the other firms' cost of production. They had no choice but to follow. So they fired all their employees, closed their factories, and moved to China. When Mattel moved, everyone had to move, this process duplicated throughout the entire manufacturing sector. Many didn't even have to build their own factories; they could find a Chinese factory to make their products OEM, and just collect the money. That is why Apple has something like $300 billion sitting offshore. Now, all those same firms are pressing the US government to repatriate those profits tax-free on the grounds they will use the money to "create jobs".

We read so many different stories on this topic, assessing the blame on America's misguided industrial policies, or how the Jews are transferring the West's riches to China, or how the Chinese are somehow in cahoots with someone in the planned destruction of America. But this is unrelated to industrial policy; it was simply due to the Jews' greed and their contempt of America, their willingness to bleed the nation dry so long as they profit from it. "Once we have squeezed everything we want from the US, it can dry up and blow away."

China Stole all our IP

Yeah, sure. Send me the list. For those of you who don't know, the US and the Khazarian Jews are the greatest thieves of IP in history. You might care to read about Operation Paperclip (14) and the US' vast IP theft network (15), and some of the truth about 'How the US Became Rich': (16) (16A) (17)

IP theft and Technology Transfer

Despite US accusations of China copying foreign technology, China’s high-technology achievements were entirely home-grown because the US has been so determined to hinder China’s rise that by 1950 it engineered an international embargo on all scientific knowledge and on almost all useful products and processes to China, including legislation that Chinese scientists cannot be invited to, or participate in, American scientific forums, while bullying other Western nations into doing the same. In October of 2019, all Chinese scientists and space technology companies were denied visas to attend the weeklong International Astronautical Congress in Washington, far from the first time such has occurred.

We hear much in the Western media about China demanding technology transfers as a condition of corporate residence in China, but this is mostly propaganda. No doubt expectations for technology and knowhow transfer do occur, since China doesn’t want to spend the rest of its life making toasters and running shoes but, since entry to the Chinese market is a gift of billions in profits, it is perfectly sensible to attach a price to it. However, one must keep in mind that no foreign company is conducting cutting-edge commercial or sensitive military research, or manufacturing quantum computers and hypersonic missiles in China. Any technology actually available for transfer would be almost entirely in consumer goods, and hardly constitute great value or threats to US ‘national security’. And, in virtually all of the cutting-edge fields and industries such as quantum computing, 5-G telecom or solar energy, China has already surpassed the US. (18)

If it Weren't for us . . .

This has been floating around for years, the claim however it's made, that the US deserves all the credit for China's resurgence. AmCham (the American Chamber of Commerce) in China even made the flat claim that it - AmCham - was directly responsible for the lifting of 600 million people out of poverty. "We gave you the technology, we got you into the WTO, we did it all for you." James Fallows in China Airborne even claimed the Chinese were dimly aware their airplanes were crashing but had no idea what to do about it, so the Americans came and taught the magic word of 'maintenance', thus rescuing Chinese aviation. Of all the sick jokes, that one is probably the sickest.

After doing everything possible for 70 years to bankrupt and partition China, to derail, to isolate, to rob, to starve to death, to collapse the government, to cause revolutions in, and having failed to prevent China's rise, now the Americans and their Jewish masters are taking credit for it. The specific claims are so ridiculous I won't bother listing and refuting them.

The South China Sea Islands

China discovered and claimed all these islands many many hundreds of years ago, long before the Vietnamese and Philipinos even learned to swim. If the US can claim Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands and the UK can claim the Falklands which are only about 50,000 miles from their shores, why can't China have a few islands that are near home? They did have, until a few years ago when the Americans and their masters, always looking for a chance to create instability and launch another war, began prodding Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, to "occupy" those islands. "After all, they are also near your shores, so why should you let the Chinese have them? And don't worry; we have military bases here in your country. The Chinese won't dare do anything."

So three countries stupidly did just that; they 'occupied' (and militarised) the three best, largest, and most strategic of these islands. China wasn't about to start a war with its neighbors over this, but the government wasn't blind to what was happening, either, so the Chinese military grabbed the three next most useful islands and did indeed fortify them with military installations. This was done in self-defense since China doesn't need US nuclear warheads a few hundred miles from its shores, without having some kind of early-warning defense. But the only noise you hear in the Jewish media and from the White House is about "China's militarisation of the South China Seas".

The Diaoyu Islands

One commenter here wrote, "A decade ago, China started "an aggressive military challenge" to Japan concerning some islands. China "did not have a legal leg to stand on" but it led to "State-induced mob attacks" on Japanese businesses in China."

"Rubbish" is much too kind a word to waste on bullshit like this. The Diaoyu Islands have belonged to China since before there was a China. Japan occupied them. The US conquered Japan in WWII and the UN left it to the US military to put things back as they were in the Pacific, in this case to return the Diaoyu Islands to China. But the Americans, taking counsel one more time from their Jewish masters who always seem to know how to set the stage for future wars, ignored the UN mandate and instead turned the islands over to Japan for "administration purposes". And of course, the Americans and Jews (you may not know this, but Japan is a Jewish-American colony with no will or foreign policy of its own) push the Japanese to either populate these little islands or do something equally provocative to see if they can start another war between China and Japan. And, for the record, the Chinese government strongly discouraged the attacks on Japanese businesses in China, but resentment toward Japan does run deep in China, and for very good reason.

The Trouble With Taiwan

If you want to start a war with China, this is the place to do it. The Americans know it, their Jewish masters know it, and both are doing their best to make it happen. All we hear in the Western media is that China, for no good reason, considers Taiwan "a renegade province" which it resolves to bring home again one day - by force, if necessary. But this is bad because, as the BBC solemnly tells us, Taiwan is ". . . a sovereign state. It has its own constitution, democratically-corrupt leaders (although not quite as democratically-corrupt as in the US), a standing military", to say nothing of billions of dollars of US arms and missiles, and military provocations by the score.

But how did Taiwan become a 'renegade' province? Simple. China underwent a civil war, with Mao on one side and the Jews and Americans on the other side, protecting their puppet Zhang Jie Shi. Mao won. Zhang's last act, under American military support, was to totally loot China's central bank and all other banks within reach, and flee to Taiwan. That wouldn't have helped him much, but the US filled the Taiwan Strait with all the naval military muscle it could gather, to prevent Mao from tidying up this loose end. China didn't have the naval power to Challenge the US fleet, and could do no more than fire occasional artillery shells at Taipei. Once again, the Jews and the Americans were setting up a lovely future war.

The Jewish media tell us that Taiwan "has never even been under the control of China's Communist Party", a statement that is factually true but irrelevant. Taiwan had always been part of China until the Japanese occupied it and then the Americans took it over and prevented its unification with the Mainland. China's Communist Party is a relative newcomer to government, and it was only because of the formation of that government that the reunification was prevented. Lies and more lies.

The Trouble With Tibet

Tibet was a part of China long before George Washington cut down his fictious cherry tree, long before Benjamin Franklin conducted his fictitious Kite Experiment, and even long before Christopher Columbus opened his first aboriginal brothel in the New World. (19)

The Western media have imposed on our imaginations an image of a fabled theocracy where a reincarnated god rules over a peaceful people spinning prayer wheels in a pastoral idyll. The West’s fascination with Tibet has turned it into a mythic place upon which we project our dreams and our own spiritual fantasies. The result is what I call the Shangri-La syndrome (20), millions of Westerners choosing to believe in an attractive but wholly mythological, romantic fantasy which has never existed.

Tibet was generally self-managed, though experiencing much British and American interference and slaughter until the middle of the last century. The Western press refer euphemistically to Tibet’s pre-1950 social structure as a benign ‘feudal system’, but it was no such thing. When Mao went in to clean it up, Tibet was a slave colony. Virtually all the people were literally owned by the Dalai and other lamas, the people forbidden to own land, and worked their entire lives without pay. The highest monks each owned 35,000 to 40,000 slaves.

The level of poverty in Tibet (outside the monasteries) until the 1950s could not be imagined by Westerners; it would have to be seen to be believed. Tibetans couldn’t afford fabric clothing, still wearing sheepskins as they did centuries earlier. Life was brutal, harsh, and corrupt. Life expectancy was barely 30. The prettiest girls and boys were confiscated to the monasteries for sex. Education was forbidden to all but the monks because education was expensive and educated peasants were considered dangerous to the system. The Dalai Lama prohibited any development of industry because wealth of the population brought independence from the religion. The Lamas, however, sent their children to British schools in India, and freely transferred the Province’s financial assets to British banks. (21) (22) After Mao decided that enough was enough, the situation in Tibet has soared in every way imaginable.

In China, 99.9% of Those Charged With a Crime, are Convicted

We are today treated by the Western media to ‘the fact’ of the Chinese justice system having a conviction rate of “at least 99.9%”, if not higher, accompanied by harrowing tales of criminals confessing under duress – surely the reason for the apparently high conviction rate.

First, the percentage above is a foolish and exaggerated guess, one more way to smear China. There is no agency in China that collects and collates such statistics from all levels of the courts and from all cities, towns, provinces, counties. Thus, even the legal authorities couldn't tell you the average conviction rates. It might be possible for a particular level of court in a single city or town, but not nationwide.

Nevertheless, for comparison, the equivalent number for conviction rates in the West (at least the US and Canada) is about 60%, the number presented as an indication of ‘fairness’ or ‘justice’ in the Western system, but what does that 60% Western conviction rate mean? It means that nearly half of all people in the West who are charged with a crime, were in fact innocent, but needed the expense and trauma of a criminal trial to prove their innocence. Or, if you want to be stubborn, we can argue the other side – that 100% of those charged with a crime were in fact guilty, but that a clever and expensive lawyer let them walk free. Is that better? If you want to know the truth about China's system, you can read this: (23)

Why do Criminals in China Confess to Their Crimes?

According to millennia of culture and tradition, if you are caught in a crime, you take it like a man; you confess, you express your regret, and you throw yourself on the mercy of the court. It helps immensely if your expression of regret is sincere. But if you try to lie your way out of it, if you refuse to admit to your crime and obstruct the investigation, the police will hold you until they eventually acquire the proof they need, after which the courts will show you no mercy.

This is the Chinese system, just as it is at home with our children, where confessing is the only smart move and trying to lie your way out is cowardly and despicable. Westerners cannot understand this, the media repeatedly referring to a “purported confession” or a “possibly coerced confession”, unable to fathom a culture where people traditionally confess to crimes when they are caught. Thus, the conclusion that any confession in China must have been forced or obtained by torture. In the West, with the legal system as created, confessing to a crime is probably stupid; in China, refusing to confess to a crime certainly is stupid. (24)

China's "50-cent Army"

All of you must know of this, a story fabricated by David Bandurski, another Jew, this one at Hong Kong University's 'China Media Project' financed by George Soros. The tale weaved by Bandurski was that the Chinese government had 288,000 people engaged full-time looking for opportunities to make posts anywhere on the internet favorable to China, with a reward of US$0.50 for each and every such post. These claims were seen by the hundreds all over the internet, on any platform permitting comments, with any comment favorable to China accused of being part of China's 50-cent army. But then suddenly - on one day - this died, because on that day someone posted on Facebook a screenshot of a long-existing program where the government of Israel had been (and still was) offering to all Jewish university students in America, a payment of US$0.50 for every post favorable to Israel or the Jews.  Bandurski went silent and we can hope he remains in that condition. There never actually was a Chinese 50-cent army but there was indeed a Jewish 50-cent army, which still exists today and which we can see on and many other places.

China's Fall

"For me, the surprise is how China managed to fall so badly 200 years ago. Studying that would bring the biggest lessons we can all learn." It was the Jews who destroyed China, as they are destroying the US and Europe today. China succeeded by expelling all the Jews and ensuring that any who ever returned would have no access to the makers of public policy. That is the biggest lesson you can learn, but no Western country today has the independence for such expulsions. The only result of such an attempt to reclaim control of the throne would be hundreds of mortally-disgraced politicians, and many dead ones.



Mr. Romanoff's writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai's Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney's new anthology 'When China Sneezes'. (Chapt. 2 -- Dealing with Demons).


His full archive can be seen at and

He can be contacted at:




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(20) Shangri-la was originally thrust upon the world in the 1933 novel ‘Lost Horizon’ by British author James Hilton   who described it as a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided by devoted lamas, the name since becoming synonymous with a mythical earthly but isolated paradise whose inhabitants are virtually immortal. However, Shangri-la really does exist, a charming town in the remote NorthWest of China’s Yunnan Province.

(21) Anna Louise Strong; Tibetan Interviews, 1959;

(22) T. D. Allman; A Myth Foisted on the Western World, The Nation Magazine;


Chinese Criminal Confessions

(24) ibid

Copyright © Larry RomanoffBlue Moon of Shanghai, Moon of Shanghai, 2022


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Considero ser necessário falar hoje, de novo, sobre os trágicos acontecimentos em Donbass e sobre os aspectos mais importantes de garantir a segurança da Rússia.

Começarei com o que disse no meu discurso de 21 de Fevereiro de 2022. Falei sobre as nossas maiores responsabilidades e preocupações e sobre as ameaças fundamentais que os irresponsáveis políticos ocidentais criaram à Rússia de forma continuada, com rudeza e sem cerimónias, de ano para ano. Refiro-me à expansão da NATO para Leste, que está a aproximar cada vez mais as suas infraestruturas militares da fronteira russa.

É um facto que, durante os últimos 30 anos, temos tentado pacientemente chegar a um acordo com os principais países NATO, relativamente aos princípios de uma segurança igual e indivisível, na Europa. Em resposta às nossas propostas, enfrentámos invariavelmente, ou engano cínico e mentiras, ou tentativas de pressão e de chantagem, enquanto a aliança do Atlântico Norte continuou a expandir-se, apesar dos nossos protestos e preocupações. A sua máquina militar está em movimento e, como disse, aproxima-se da nossa fronteira.

Porque é que isto está a acontecer? De onde veio esta forma insolente de falar que atinge o máximo do seu excepcionalismo, infalibilidade e permissividade? Qual é a explicação para esta atitude de desprezo e desdém pelos nossos interesses e exigências absolutamente legítimas?

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When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis


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Before the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly.

The President of Russia delivered
the Address to the Federal Assembly. The ceremony took
place at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.

15, 2020


President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Address to the Nation

Address to the Nation.




PT -- VLADIMIR PUTIN na Sessão plenária do Fórum Económico Oriental

Excertos da transcrição da sessão plenária do Fórum Económico Oriental


The Putin Interviews
by Oliver Stone (



Um auto retrato surpreendentemente sincero do Presidente da Rússia, Vladimir Putin



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