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Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Kremlin compares the PMC Wagner to terrorists and foreign mercenaries

Author: scotthumor
by Scott Humor 
The Washington Post owned by Mr. Bezos reported that the Pentagon started a massive cyber and fake info operation targeting Russian top military and intelligence commanders. U.S. Cybercom contemplates information warfare to counter Russian interference in 2020 election
“In the past year, Congress and the Trump administration have eased restraints on the military’s use of cyber-operations to thwart foreign adversaries. The push is part of a move by military officials such as Gen. Paul Nakasone, who heads both Cybercom and the National Security Agency, the government’s powerful electronic surveillance arm, to weave cyber-offensive capabilities into military operations.”
The quality of described Pentagon activities is not just bad, it’s borderline delirious.
See for yourself. Just one detail here:
“The options being considered build on an operation Cybercom undertook last fall in the run-up to the midterm elections. Beginning in October 2018, Cybercom used emails, pop-ups and texts to target Russian Internet “trolls” who were seeding disinformation on U.S. social media platforms. The trolls worked for the Internet Research Agency, a private entity controlled by a Russian oligarch close to Putin. Cybercom also messaged hackers working for Russian military intelligence, indicating that their identities were known and could be publicized. Although the command did not sign its messages, the Americans knew there would be no mistaking who had sent them, officials said at the time.”
I wrote back in October 2017.

”… fake business entities known as “the Internet Research Agency,”  and “the Internet Research” in the government electronic business registry, they were treated as real companies by the system. Because of their inactivity on all of their bank accounts and because no one ever filed required forms, they were automatically liquidated by the electronic system.
The United Business Registry database in Russia works according to the Federal laws, so after twelve months of inactivity a business is simply liquidated. The Internet Research Agency was liquidated in December 2016 by the government system after it been inactive for twelve month. It’s inactivity implied that the company had no employees, no office, and no bank transactions for at least twelve months! The Internet Research company was liquidated on September 2, 2015 by merging with TEKA company. According to the federal business Registry TEKA was a construction retailer.  I wasn’t able to find any indication, like an office, phone number, names of the managers or employees, anything at all that would indicate that this company existed. Just like the Internet Research Agency and the Internet Research, TEKA existed only in the federal registry and nowhere else.”
The Internet Research Agency was liquidated in December 2016
The Internet Research company was liquidated on September 2, 2015
How could Cybercome target them in October 2018?
And if they targeted someone else why wouldn’t they say so?
Russia just conducted the drill assuring its internet will keep functioning in case of a global shut down. What all those “experts” won’t say that that now all the domestics traffic is not being redirected to the oversees servers as they used to, but goes through the domestic servers. As the result, neither Washington no the Pentagon can now make claims about “Russian on-line interference” since Russia will have all the potential evidence.
Companies like Twitter and FaceBook amd Youtube delete accounts they deem ‘inappropriate’ by millions with no problem. Twitter blocked the account, and the FB did the same. Somehow, so called “Russian trolls” are undeletable and call for the Army reinforcement to deal with them on the platforms on the same Twitter, FaceBook and Youtube.
How adults with average intelligence can believe in all this? But they do, and the population is entranced in some sort of dazed and confused state of mind and refuses to think rationally.
Next, the WP delightfully announced that the Pentagon declared an increase in the war against Russia by targeting its security services and military. 
“The new options contemplate targeting key leaders in the security services and the military and potentially some oligarchs. The messaging would be accompanied by a limited cyber-operation that demonstrates the Americans’ access to a particular system or account and the capability to inflict a cost, said individuals familiar with the matter.”
Does the WP realize that if the US Army attacks cyber structures and frameworks of the the security agencies and the military Russia will see it for what it is – an EW, a precursor to a hot stage of the American war against Russia?
According to the Russian Military doctrine, Pentagon’s attacks against Russian Army are, indeed, real military attacks, unless, all of these statements are just the BS, and all activities will take place inside the news media framework.

When one country’s army attacks another country’s army is by definition a war.
The WP argues that it’s not, with the following bizarre and delusional statement:
“Some see the new options as potentially effective at altering a key official’s decision-making calculus without being hugely escalatory because they do not seek to foment a popular uprising, which is Putin’s big fear, analysts note.”
Russians resolutely oppose any “democracy” brought by the Americans to them. We all still remember the horrors of the American occupation in the 90s. If anything, Russians will do much better without America strangling us economically and surrounding us with their troops and bases. So, instead of a “popular uprising” the answer might come in a form of a very popular war. And since Russia has an absolute superiority in military affairs on the planet, we have reasons to believe that it will be a very short war on the territory of the US and Europe, after that Russians will have a millennium of peace after a millennium of wars.
I recommend the editorial team of the WP and the Pentagon employees to read the most important books in the 2019, The Real revolution in Military Affairs by Ardnrey Matryanov.
It’s a very big mistake to think that Russia’s military sees a “popular uprising” as an only threat to the existence of the nation. The Chief of the General staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Army General Valery Gerasimov said last weekthat the Military Doctrine adopted in 2024 is being updated considering new threats like economic sanctions and attacks against country’s electronic systems.
Now we know that any new fake news and false flag attacks against our military will be a part of the Cybercom  information warfare as the WP announcement.
The readers of are acutely aware that the Giant Intestinal Worm that rules America declares this new escalation not connected with the 2020 elections (it was the US, UK , Ukraine and Israel intelligence services that were interfering in the election of 2016.) This new escalation comes in connection with the Gas War that is unfolding in the Mediterranean. It’s the Giant Intestinal Worm’s goal to cut the Europeans from Russia’s cheap energy and Russians from the European market to starve both economies.
The fight is just being moved from the Ukraine and the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, where Greece with Israel, hand in hand, are trying to cut Turkey from becoming a gas-transit hub for Russia and an entire Middle East to Europe. Erdogan, however, is not a traitor to his nation and he wants the best for his people. He is fighting back, and his is the fight that Russians don’t have to fight.
“Lawmakers seeking to counter Turkey and Russia are investing in new efforts in the Mediterranean region to bolster U.S. allies like Israel, Greece and Cyprus.
Congress passed legislation last week as part of a $1.4 trillion spending package that makes the U.S. a key player in the market for natural gas in the region through a security and energy partnership with Eastern Mediterranean countries.
The measure strengthens military ties with Greece and lifts a decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus, reaffirming the U.S. commitment to the countries and positioning the allies to keep Turkey’s regional ambitions in check.”
For historical reasons, Russians see Greece as their natural ally, however, looking centuries back I see a very different picture. Without going into much ado, no matter how much Russia hugs Greece, Greece always looks back to the Talmudists, even back when they all lived in Poland.

The Greek patriarch just declared Greeks ‘ethnically superior’ to Russian Slavs literally quoting the Talmud, one look at Greece and Russia on the map will tell you our comparative capabilities, for the Theological aspects of Russia see my post Everyone who falls on that stone
Despite the obvious, Greeks try to take control over our common Ancient Church that by its definition cannot be controlled by a man, since the head of our Church is Christ Himself. Essentially, the Orthodox Christian canonical Church stays canonical as long as it’s being ruled by no man, but God. And, if the Church stopped being canonical it’s no longer a church.
So, it’s a blessing that Turks are in Cyprus, because Erdogan will fight the Giant Intestinal Worm in the Mediterranean, especially now when he got S-400s, and hopefully, some enlightened Europeans will understand and help him to fight the Worm. Because, if this nightmare scenario comes true, Europe will be fully positioned for the next step which is an organized chaos, as the Pentagon papers indicate.
We Russians remember very well what exactly position we ended up in the 90s, what the Giant Intestinal Worm did to us, so we intend to fight with everything we have not to be in this position, ever again.
So any statements in terms of helping Greece to improve the situation means to make it much worse for the Turks, and for us Russians. And, making the situation worse for Greeks will help us. There are some forces in Europe that silently work to prevent the US, Greece, Israel and Cyprus crew from winning, the Euro-media whining and gnashing of teeth, notwithstanding.
Maybe Ergodan would come to realization that any problems with the Golan would immediately redirect Israel’s attention there from Cyprus, and that great many problems could be actually solved there. And in Libya, of course. Now, the great division of assets is taking place and everyone tries to grab as much as they can, while trying to push the Americans back over the pond and to keep them there.  
Another interesting idea was expressed by Maj. Gen. Ami Ayalon, who headed the Shabak agency from 1996 until 2000. In one of his interviews titled “The Winning Strategy” he says “We can kill the enemy, but if our values degenerate and our economy is left in ruins as a result of boycotts and sanctions, we lose.
Meanwhile the U.S. Cybercom’s assault has started with the news about the PMC “Wagner” being in Libya and “fighting for the Kremlin.”

First thing this Thursday morning, the journos rushed to ask Peskov about the “Wagner” in Libya.
Everyone takes everything Peskov says as the official Kremlin, naturally, and if Russian speaking media was Russian they would publish his words about so called “Wagner” with the headlines like ‘The Kremlin compares the “PMC Wagner” with terrorists’
Because, if the Media think that Peskov is the Voice Of the Kremlin they should report his words as an official statement. But they ignore his worlds. because they are on the side of those who invented the “PMC Wagner” and uses different special ops troops in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and France to showcase “THE RUSSIAN AGGRESSION.”
Since, some of those who act on videos as “the Wagner” have Russian passports, they are Russia’s citizens, but they are not the Russian state, as they claim.
So, when Peskov directly answered questions about the “Wagner in Libya” he said that there are many terrorists and mercenaries operating in those regions and some of them even have Russian passports, and that means that they also are terrorists and mercenaries.
Since the “Wagner” first reared its ugly head in the media, I have been nothing but persistent in revealing who they are and who owns them.
The RIA News reports: “It is safe to say that after Libya as a state was destroyed by the actions of a group of countries that are well known, the territory of Libya has become a haven for mercenaries from a number of countries, from a huge number of countries – both mercenaries and terrorist elements. This is all the consequences of well-known actions of well-known countries to destroy the Libyan state, ” Peskov said. answering the question whether the Kremlin has information that there are Russian mercenaries in Libya.
Asked if the Kremlin is concerned that Russian citizens are involved as mercenaries in such conflicts, Peskov said : “We are generally concerned about the situation in Libya.”
Commenting on reports that Russian citizens participate as mercenaries in other countries, Peskov said that “citizens of different countries participate as mercenaries in all corners of the world”, and that this is certainly a concern for the authorities.”

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