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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Vladimir Putin calls for ‘common sense’ to prevail after Donald Trump’s fiery threats

In an annual event greeting new ambassadors to Russia, Vladimir Putin spoke to the rising tensions between the West and Russia.

by VLADIMIR RODZIANKOApril 11, 2018, 18:25

Russian President Vladimir Putin weighed in on the escalating tensions between the US and Russia over Syria, hoping “common sense” will eventually prevail in the modern world amid the current situation.

As the eloquent statesman that he is, Vladimir Putin articulated that cooler heads must triumph, and diplomacy must be allowed to work effectively in these troubling times.

According to RT, which reported from the ceremony to welcome new ambassadors to Russia, Putin said:

“The state of world affairs invokes nothing but concerns, the situation in the world is becoming more chaotic.”

“Nevertheless, we still hope that common sense will eventually prevail and international relations will enter a constructive course, the entire world system will become more stable and predictable.”

Putin added that Moscow will continue to advocate strengthening global and regional security, and will fully adhere to its “international responsibilities and develop cooperation with our partners on a constructive and respectful basis.”

We will pursue a positive, future-oriented agenda for the world; and work to ensure stable development, prosperity and the flourishing of mankind,” Putin concluded.

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